Lifting & Rejuvenating Mask
+ Ultra Cleansing Mask

CAPACITY 2 x 5 ml


all skin types

  • Improves elasticity, makes skin smoother, and restores youthful vitality
  • Eliminates impurities and refines skin pores

For the first step, apply the Ultra Cleansing Mask (1) all over your face, or to the areas prone to excessive oiliness (the T-zone). Leave it on for 5 minutes and wash it away with tepid water. Next, apply the Lifting & Rejuvenating Mask (2) all over your face and leave it on for about 10 minutes, so that the active ingredients of the filtered snail mucin extract can take effect. Remove any mask residues using a cotton pad, or gently massage them into your skin.

Multi BioMask is a line of specialist products grouped into complementary cosmetic sets developed by professionals to provide effective holistic care and respond to a broad range of skin needs.

Lift & Ultra Clean is a perfect solution for the skin with decreased elasticity and visible signs of aging, which requires deep cleansing.

Lifting & Rejuvenating Mask formulated with 1.2% filtered snail mucin extract contains the unique cryptosin rich in natural active anti-aging ingredients including collagen, elastin, vitamins A, E and C, proteins, and allantoin, which intensely regenerate, moisturize, and strengthen your skin. They leave your face soft and smooth to the touch. Filtered snail mucin extract acts like a natural lifting agent that smoothes out wrinkles, neutralizes minor scars, and lightens hyperpigmentation.

Ultra Cleansing Mask combines Active Charcoal and Natural Kaolin Clay to remove toxins from your skin pores, leaving them clean and refined. It removes impurities, prevents new blackheads, and normalizes sebum secretion.