Give your skin a real metamorphosis with the intensive care treatment by Biotaniqe! The nourishing effect of each of the products will make your skin regenerated, firm and radiant.


Deep cleansing of the skin is the basis of skin care. Start with the multi-functional peeling-detoxifying formula. Charcoal Peeling – Gel – Mask 3in1 of the Pure Detox line by Biotaniqe can be used as a facial gel (wash and rinse off), peeling (massage and rinse off) or a mask (apply for a longer time and rinse off). Each of the three ways of use is equally effective! The Active Charcoal, also called the black diamond of cosmetology, removes the accumulated impurities. Papain dissolves dead skin cells, while Silica Micropearls soften the skin. Once cleansed, the skin is ready for other treatments.


Before applying the day-time cream, use the Advanced Protective Serum of the Anti-Pollution line, which blocks out aggressive environmental factors and protects the skin against pollutants so that they do not get under its surface. The serum acts like a smoothing elixir, prevents premature wrinkle formation and reduces signs of fatigue. The probiotic pro.aQua water additionally soothes the skin, while the Marine Collagen lifts and regenerates it. It’s a perfect cream for young women who want to keep their skin radiant for as long as possible.


The BioActive Regenerating Cream of the Snail Repair Therapy line by Biotaniqe improves the look of your skin in three ways. Firstly, it improves the skin flexibility, secondly, it moisturises it and thirdly, it improves skin colour and structure. Imperfections, scars and discolorations are reduced, giving your skin a healthy and velvet-like smooth look. The cream also fights first signs of ageing.


In addition to the facial cream it is also helpful to apply the Radiance Restore Eye Cream that contains the Snail Secretion Filtrate. The skin around the eyes is very delicate so the signs of ageing and fatigue are most visible within this area. Apply a small amount of the cream and pat in gently. It will prevent signs of ageing and fatigue and intensively moisturise your skin. Thanks to the anti-oxidative effect of Vitamin E, the Mimosa and St. Paul’s Wort Extract, the formula combats dark circles and puffy eyes. The cream reduces wrinkles, making the skin smooth and flexible. Most importantly, no snails suffered during the manufacturing process of this product!

Provide your skin with immediate regeneration to counteract the signs of ageing, with the Biotaniqe products!