What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a groundbreaking discovery in cosmetics. It is an organic and powerful active substance extracted from cannabis. It has extraordinary regenerating, renewing and anti-inflammatory properties, due to which the skin regains a healthy look. Cannabidiol was created using the richness of nature and new cosmetic technologies. It has been extracted from hemp and properly prepared so that it can meet the requirements of advanced skin care. It does not contain psychoactive THC (a substance found in marijuana). It is vegan, safe for the skin, free of parabens and gluten. It is a way to restore youth to the skin, in harmony with the natural anti-aging philosophy.


CBD is an innovation in anti-aging. It’s varied properties rejuvenate the skin in multidimensional way. First of all, it protects the complexion from the formation of subsequent wrinkles, while eliminating existing ones. Visibly reduces lines on the face. Prevents degradation of collagen and elastin – substances responsible for skin tension and firmness. Supports the young appearance of the skin – it becomes smoother and full of healthy radiance.


CBD effectively fights oxidative stress. Studies have shown that it is even more powerful than the other famous antioxidants such as vitamin C or vitamin E. The action of free radicals is very harmful to the skin. They violate its natural protective barrier, weaken the complexion and disturb its balance. Their negative effect is also visible in the acceleration of aging processes. CBD acts like a protective shield that strengthens the skin immunity, preventing irritation, dryness or wrinkles. Due to CBD, the skin is much stronger and more radiant.


Cannabidiol gives the skin beneficial ingredients that improve its structure. Due to the richness of acids, fats and vitamins, CBD supports the complexion. Especially tired, dull skin requires proper nutrition, which will bring revitalization. CBD reduces roughness and smoothes the complexion. It also evens its color, eliminates discoloration and pigment spots, showing beautifying effects.


CBD is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. It comes to the rescue for hypersensitive skin. Reduces irritation and redness, preventing dryness and imperfections. Effectively fights acne, due to the soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. It also allows you to soothe sensitive skin. Instantly regenerates the complexion so that it you can enjoy vitality.


Cannabidiol has wide range of action. It has anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Regulates, taking care of skin hygiene and safety, maintaining the complexion balance. It reduces the overproduction of sebum, due to which the pores do not clog, and the skin is less prone to blemishes and unaesthetic shine. CBD oil reduces acne and the visibility of scars. Provides advanced treatment for problematic skin.