Skin ageing is the curse of all women. In order to protect the skin against wrinkles we must regularly provide it with treatments that will help us keep young look for longer. Products that are simply anti-wrinkle are not sufficient. The skin must also be protected against toxins, properly moisturised and cleansed daily.


Start with face cleansing (every morning and evening) with the Charcoal Cleanser of the Biotaniqe Pure Detox line, which on contact with the skin transforms into a gentle microfoam and immediately dissolves make-up and removes impurities. Its ingredients, especially the active charcoal, detoxify the skin, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. It does not irritate or dry the skin. Instead, it makes it smooth as velvet. Use of this product helps to remove dead skin cells, prevents imperfections and unclogs pores, making the skin deeply cleansed.


Before application of the moisturiser, use the Advanced Protective Serum of the Anti-Pollution line by Biotaniqe, which blocks out aggressive environmental factors and protects the skin against pollutants so that they do not get under its surface. The serum acts like a smoothing elixir, prevents premature wrinkle formation and reduces signs of fatigue. The pro.aQua probiotic water additionally soothes the skin, while the Marine Collagen lifts and regenerates it. It’s a perfect preparation for young women who want to keep their skin radiant for as long as possible.


The First Wrinkles Energizing Cream of the Vit C Age Control line provides care based on the powerful rejuvenating, repairing and moisturising effect of vitamin C. The cream uses the bioC8 technology. Directly after application it begins an 8-hour process of releasing two active forms of vitamin C to the deepest layers of the skin. After application (it can be applied under make-up) the skin becomes velvet-like, its firmness is restored, the wrinkles are reduced and the face oval is visibly improved.


Night care is very important, since it’s during the night when the skin is most receptive to repair and absorption of active ingredients. You can apply a highly-concentrated formula with active ingredients that will work for the whole night to improve the look of your skin. The Intensive Night Repair Cream/Mask of the Biotaniqe Snail Repair Therapy contains Snail Secretion Filtrate and Collagen, which improve skin structure and reverse the signs of ageing. In addition to the anti-wrinkle effect, the product also boosts regeneration and rejuvenation processes in the skin and moisturises it. Apply a thick layer before going to sleep and wake up with smooth and soft skin!