Pure Matcha Tea

Pure Matcha Tea is made of carefully selected young leaves of green tea, hand-picked in Japan. Thanks to the unusual method of extraction, the leaves contain a unique composition of the purest active ingredients, which gently restore deep skin balance and boost its healthy and radiant look.

Matcha is the strongest natural antioxidant, containing 100 times more antioxidant catechins than common green tea. Works in harmony with natural skin cell renewal and detoxification.


Containing 137 times more antioxidants than common green tea, Matcha is definitely their richest natural source.


EGCG, a derivative of catechin and one of the strongest antioxidants contained in Matcha, is 100 times stronger than vitamin C.


This unique amino acid has relaxing and anti-stress properties. Matcha contains 4 times more L-theanine than common green tea.


Matcha contains two times less caffeine than coffee, but it provides energy for much longer – as many as 6 hours!


High concentration of chlorophyll in Matcha Tea promotes removal of heavy metals and other harmful toxins. It’s a real green detox!