Probiotic water pro.aQua

Not without significance is the quality and purity of water that will be used in the cosmetic formulation, because it is the “heart” of the cosmetic.

A lot of cosmetics are based on ‘tap’ water, from water supply system, often containing trace elements that can contribute to the development of micro-irritations of the skin and react adversely with other skincare products (i.e. serum) or color cosmetics (for makeup). Any micro-irritation is a tinderbox for the ensuing skin injuries, acne and the cascade of ageing. The product, from its basis, should then be extremely gentle for the skin.

Smart Skin Support

Lying at the core of all Biotaniqe preparations, Pro.aQua is a mixture of fresh, purified water Aqua Purificata and probiotic technology.

Water for Biotaniqe skincare products has been through the reverse osmosis, the most perfect currently available filtration method. The water passes through a thin durable membrane which filters out even the tiniest impurities.

Pro.aQua is based on the multitude of benefits of Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate which selectively affects the skin’s microorganisms. It limits the growth of pathogens responsible for irritations or acne and at the same time stimulates beneficial microflora which is a protective shield of the skin.

It maximixes the efficiency of active ingredients in Biotaniqe preparations.

Unlike traditional antibacterial products, Pro.aQua effectively combats pathogenic bacteria on the skin’s surface without removing the beneficial ones. The skin retains its natural, friendly and protective ‘microflora carpet’ and fends off environmental pollutants more easily. Pro.aQua neutralizes calcium contained in hard water and thus minimizes its irritating effects.

It protects the skin, restores its comfort and brings relief.