Hands soft like silk – how to take care of them?

For most of the day our hands are exposed to the external factors. Temperature differences, chemicals and pesticides can cause skin’s irritation. We take care of our hands mostly in winter, but we are actually supposed to take care of them for a whole year.

These days we have to take a special care of our hands. Hygiene has never been that important. Washing and disinfecting hands as often as possible is our new reality. But we know that we are doing it for a good reason, to protect ourselves.

Not healthy looking hands does not make ourselves feel good. It does not look aesthetically, and what is worse, hands may look older later. This is why we are supposed to have protective gloves on, while using any chemicals.

Using moisturising products as a daily basis is the best way to keep skin in a balance. Application of a cream in the morning provides a protective layer for a whole day. Of course we cannot forget about applications in the evenings. Don’t forget to take care of your hands after every washing or disinfection. Biotaniqe hand creams are the solution. They will help regenerate the skin, thanks to the active ingredients like aloe vera or detox carbon.

Besides daily routine we could make a spa for our hands. Our brand offers special products to make us feel relaxed. For example exfoliator and hands mask 2 in 1. Peeling will clean all the dirt and a dead skin, mask will moisturise and regenerate the skin. Choose between Snail Retail Therapy products or Pure Detox line. Both of them are a great treatment.