AlgaSkin2 – Protective BioShield

Particles of polluted air adhere to our skin and can even penetrate into its deep layers through hair follicles, skin glands or directly via skin cells, causing oxidative stress.

  • Air pollutants accumulate in the skin, clog skin pores, cause dehydration, acne, affect the general skin condition, cause stress and premature ageing.
  • Pollutants cause skin hypersensitivity, roughness and erythema.
  • Presence of pollutants promotes development of free radicals on the skin, impairing its natural protective reactions and slowing down collagen production.

Simply washing the skin with soap does not remove all pollutants from skin surface! Remains of smog accumulate on the surface of the skin and trigger a cascade of destructive processes!

AlgaSkin2 – Protective BioShield is a new-generation alginate obtained with use of marine enzymes acting as an invisible „second skin”.

Protects skin all day long by keeping away air pollutants, smog particles (PM2.5), heavy metals and cigarette smoke. Defends against skin damage by preventing harmful factors from penetrating deeper layers of the skin. The skin remains radiant, healthy and resistant to toxin-induced ageing processes.

Pollutants that accumulate on the skin throughout the entire active day are blocked out from the skin by the protective AlgaSkin2 BioShield, which effectively keeps them away from the skin surface. Acts as a natural filter, which picks up toxic PM particles, keeps them away from the skin surface and prevents them from penetrating deeper layers of the skin. When cleansed, skin protected by AlgaSkin² Protective BioShield contained almost 40% fewer PM2.5 particles compared to skin covered by cream with no anti-pollution properties!

AlgaSkin2 Protective BioShield picks up as much as 80% of the harmful lead and 98% of cadmium!

AlgaSkin2 Protective BioShield ensures 100% protection of cell vitality during contact with cigarette smoke and restores skin integrity, which is severely disturbed by exposure to smoke.


Skin exposed to harmful external factors

PM 2.5. smog particles visible on the skin surface

Skin protected against pollutants by AlgaSkin2

 -46% iron particles | -28% cadmium particles | -23% aluminum particles

*Study of AlgaSkin2 conducted by Codif.