Thermoactive elastic bioC8 liposomes

Especially for the line VIT C AGE CONTROL an outstanding polish Professor of Pharmacy has developed an innovatory active ingredient bioC8.

2 unique vitamins C: levorotatory and botanic, extracted from unique camu camu berries, capsulated in termoactive and elastic liposomes.

The composiotion of 2 vitamins C in bioC8:

  • THE RICHNESS OF NATURE – one of the best assimilable source of natural vitamin C extracted from Camu Camu berries from Amazon Basin! CamuCamu berries are famous for their immense vitamin C concentration (3000 mg/100 g berries) and high antioxidative activity.
  • THE RICHNESS OF TECHNOLOGY – pure derivative of ascorbic acid – levorotatory vitamin C.

BioC8 liposomes form unvisible „intelligent” net which remains on the skin all day long. Its even distribution on the skin assures constant and proportional process of vitamins release to the deepest layers of the skin.

Directly after application, activated by your body heat, thousands of elastic bioC8 liposomes, begin an 8-hour process of releasing two highly-concentrated vitamins C, levorotatory and botanical – extracted from the unique CamuCamu berries, to the deepest layers of the skin.