Mascne, face mask acne -how to prevent it?

Wearing a face mask is an obligatory thing for a pandemic lifestyle. It is not the most comfortable, but remember, we are doing it for common good. But did you know that masks can cause acne? Doesn’t matter in what age you are, or what type of skin you have. 


What mascne actually is?

It is not hard to believe, mascne is getting more common and common. You might be curious where the new terminology comes from. Mascne is just an acne caused by wearing a face mask.

Cleansing first

Proper cleansing has never been that important. While wearing a face mask all the dirt stays inside and embeds on our skin. Besides that, humidity gives the opportunity for all the bacterias to spread. Double cleansing is the key. 

Let your skin breath

Under a face mask your pores absorbs all the sebum and sweat. We cannot forget about dead skin, which looks unsightly and does not make our skin feel better. Exfoliating twice a week will give us that nice and fresh effect. Our Pure Detox peeling is perfect for deep cleansing and regeneration.

Skin balance

Toner essence is a very important step in a skin care routine. After cleansing our skin’s pH needs to be restored. Not using it can have very bad consequences. Without pH balance skin is exposed to new breakouts. Rose Cleansing Toner is a must in this situation.

Hydration is a key

To let your skin feel even better, apply a moisturising face cream. Light consistency products give the fresh effect. Ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin or hyaluronic acid are the best for that. Our Deeply Hydrating Gel Cream  has all the goodies to make you feel nice, clean and fresh.

No makeup make up

Heavy makeup is mostly based on silicone products. Silicone as an ingredient in cosmetics may block pores and in the effect cause acne. So if it is possible better use it as less as possible or none at all. The skin will thank you later. 

Face masks hygiene

Last but not least, the hygiene of the face masks. They collect dirt, sweat, sebum, makeup and even more. Single use masks are a good option but only if you wear it once. Otherwise, using reusable one have to be washed after every single use.