Korean Beauty

Korean Beauty by Biotaniqe brings Korean-inspired skincare to a whole new level. After thoroughly analyzing skincare routines popular in the world of Asian beauty, our specialists created a unique line of products that uses original solutions from Korean skincare, adapting them to the needs and expectations of women from different countries. Our experience of many years allowed us to create an extraordinary Beauty Ritual which provides an actual Rejuvenating Treatment, restoring your skin’s flawless complexion and natural glow.


During our search of inspiration for a new Korean product line, we found an ancient chronicle in which an authentic beauty ritual of the Joseon dynasty was described. It is a testimony to how far back in time the tradition of Korean skincare dates. This entry became our inspiration when creating Korean Beauty, which is why we placed it on the packaging of the line. Moreover, the coloring of the packages refers to the silky and ethereal Hanbok dresses, traditionally worn by Korean women during official ceremonies. It is not only the aesthetic of our line that refers to Korean culture. Above all, we were inspired by the unique formulas, the effective ingredients and the idea of an elaborate routine.

The Routine

When it comes to perfecting our skin, a diligent, traditional Korean routine is key. Its multiple steps and complexity are effective in providing the skin with all the essential benefits and nutrients. Each step plays its own part, interacting with the following products and complementing the previous ones to create a complex skincare routine. Finding your own Beauty Ritual will revolutionize your skin, giving it a beautiful, young and healthy look.


Korean Beauty products unleash the magical world of the Jeju Island. Amid moss-grown hills a variety of unique plants blooms that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The heavenly island, cherished by the locals, is one of the purest places on Earth. It has become the holy grail of skincare because of how beneficial the naturally-grown plants are. Amongst the favorites are lotus flowers, red ginseng, green tea or unique Korean herbs. Some of the ingredients used in our products were fermented in order to boost their effectiveness. As scientists have proven, fermentation makes the ingredients dissolve more easily and, therefore, absorb better.


Korean Beauty is based on fresh botanical active ingredients, derived from the purest natural source that is Jeju Island, often referred to as the „Miracle of Nature”. Carefully selected botanical extracts and fermented plants guarantee a powerful actively rejuvenating effect.


Discover Beauty Rituals

Korean skincare is known all over the world for its complexity and incredible effiency. The  Beauty Ritual is multi-purpose. Not only does it provide the skin with an anti-aging effect, it has purifying, moisturizing, smoothing and glow-boosting properties as well. With an elaborate ritual rich in formulas and active  ingredients, we can enjoy the beautiful, radiant complexion that Korean women are famous for. Korean Beauty by Biotaniqe is there for you in your pursuit of flawless skin.